BRUSHFIRE. \ ˈbrəsh  \ . /ˈfī(ə)r /

Why Brushfire? In Canada, a forest is often referred to as a “brush” – and it just so happens that is my maiden name. Paired with a strong word like fire, Brushfire was founded.

 The mission of Brushfire is to support the motorsports industry in creating memorable and valuable marketing strategies in the form of website design & management, social media implementation, and sponsor relations services. Assisting companies and teams/drivers discover their goals and creating a marketing strategy to meet those goals is the core and basis for Brushfire.


A motorsports “connoisseur” of sorts. Having moved to North Carolina as a teenager to pursue a career within the motorsports industry, Jacqueline has always been committed to make that dream a reality. Through her experiences prior to moving to North Carolina, which consisted of growing literally in the dirt at the local dirt tracks, Jacqueline knew she wanted to chase a career involving the only sport she knew. Utilizing the skills and knowledge she has acquired within the motorsports industry the past 15 years, Brushfire was created. Jacqueline has always had a knack for marketing, specifically branding, and thought it was time to freelance that expertise to the small motorsports niche in need.


How Can Brushfire Help You?
What Does Brushfire Do?

Confused on the difference between marketing and branding? Branding consists of giving yourself (or team, or business) a image. This image should be consistent, concise, and represent you in an authentic and unique way. It is important to identify and create a branding strategy before marketing efforts can be put into place.


Marketing can be defined as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. In the motorsports industry, this can be broken down into two areas: driver/team marketing, and sponsor marketing. If you don’t have a sponsor who requires return on investment, then marketing yourself and your team should suffice. If on the other hand your sponsor wants to gain at least awareness from their sponsorship involvement with you, then you need to worry about both aspects. You not only have to market yourself as a driver, but market your sponsors in a way that is best suited to yours & their needs.


Managing branding and marketing after identifying and planning is a necessity. Whether it is website development and maintenance, social media management, sponsor relations, and merchandise management.


Website Services

Web Design & Management

No cookie cutter here! Fully responsive, unique websites to meet your needs. One stop-shop for domain, hosting, design, and maintenance.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy Implementation

Digital social media services that ties in with brand strategy and brand identification. Create a social media strategy that will result in goals set fourth by individual goals.

Sponsor Relations

Sponsor Relations

Keeping your sponsors is of utmost important! We can determine the best program for you, which might include a weekly newsletter, press releases, or physical appearances.

Event Management

Event Management Services

Event coordinating, implementation, and management. From a small corporate hospitality event up to a larger event such as seminars, banquets, or parties.

News & Opinions.
Let’s Collaborate
Let’s Talk.

We all have lots to say, drop me a message if you’re interested in collaborating.